Peasant Bread: What’s so Special With This Bread?

Peasant Bread

If you are a certified lover of wet and no-knead dough breads, then peasant bread is just perfect for you. Aside from its no-knead dough, this bread is also best known for its soft quality that makes it perfect for all types of spreads or even preserves and jams.

Hard-core bakers and bread enthusiasts consider this bread as one of the most sophisticated breads of all time considering how labor extensive it is to make. But all the hard work will pay off once you have perfected this recipe.

How to make peasant bread

Making this bread is not that difficult as most people would think it is. Since it’s a no-knead dough bread, you don’t have to do complicated tricks just to get the exact and ideal consistency that requires for this bread.

First, you need to have the needed ingredients in place, which include best quality flour, kosher salt, sugar, lukewarm water, yeast, and butter in room temperature. The exact measure for every ingredient would depend on the batching.

How long it is to make this bread

Generally, if you have all the ingredients prepared as well as the proper equipment, making this should take you more than two hours. It is very important that you take note of the important of the proper measurement and the proper way of things to get the exact consistency of the bread.

Things needed

Just like the typical breads, you will certainly need the basic baking equipment. Things such as mixing bowls, mixers (automated or manual), working table, measuring cups, among others, are needed to ensure quality bread.

Just like other disciplines, cooking, especially baking, is a science. Thus, it requires precise execution of certain procedures and using prescribed equipment. This kind of bread if ideal for different purposes and is best tasting if properly cooked by following the right procedure using the right ingredients.

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